Taking Physical Therapy Past Pain Relief and into Achievement

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy (PT) is a branch of rehabilitative health care delivered by a licensed physical therapist whose primary focus is addressing musculoskeletal impairments that interfere with a person’s mobility, functional ability and quality of life. Ultimately, the goal of a physical therapist is to help you achieve and maintain the mobility and strength you need to carry out your desired level of function while minimizing the risk of injury.

Orthopedic Personal Training is for someone who has completed a physical therapy program or has had previous injury or pain and would like to participate in a personal training program to gain strength, lose weight and achieve set goals. The personal training program includes a fitness assessment, goal setting, weekly assignments, bi-monthly weigh ins. Personal training will be done by a PT or a PTA with an extensive background in biomechanics and anatomy.

Who might benefit?

Physical therapy can be utilized for post injury rehabilitation to assist with return to function but most importantly can be used to prevent injuries.

Have you hit a plateau with your training?  Let us take a look at your mechanics and find your weakest link to hit new PR’s.

What to expect?

With Physical therapy the first step is an evaluation which can take up to 60 minutes to gather information in order to evaluate the condition, and formulate a unique treatment and recovery plan. Follow up visits can last 30-60 minutes to implement manual therapy and specific exercises designed to address your impairments.