Meet your Physical TherapistAmy Justice, HFS, PT, DPT

Amy Justice is licensed physical therapist. She graduated from the University of St. Augustine in 2013 with her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. Amy obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Community Health from the University of North Florida in 2008. Her education at the University of St. Augustine emphasized orthopaedic and manual therapy training with a strong focus on spinal evaluation and treatment. Amy’s extensive training in human anatomy, biomechanics and exercise physiology, coupled with her practical clinical experience treating musculoskeletal dysfunction allows her to successfully treat patients who range from high school athletes, weekend warriors, professional athletes, grandparents or someone struggling to be active. Amy enjoys exercise as she is an IFBB Pro Fitness Athlete, ACSM Certified Health and Fitness Specialist and also enjoys running and mountain biking. Amy and her husband live in Fleming Island with their three boys.

What Makes Vital Rehabilitation Different?

Clinical-Athlete-LogooMost people when they think physical therapy they think a room full of equipment with 20 people in the room and they remember doing the same exercises over and over without anyone watching them and without reassessment.  At Vital Rehabilitation we do not agree with having patients pay to perform exercises in the clinic when they can be done as part of a home exercise program. Therefore, when exercises or stretches are needed, I give thorough instruction on how to perform them, and it is then your responsibility to get them done. At Vital Rehabilitation, time is spent only on treatments that you could not reproduce yourself.

My goal with every patient is to quickly identify the true cause of your symptoms. Then I will apply extremely effective, Manual Therapy techniques to resolve your pain and get you back to doing the activities you want as soon as possible. With the hands-on techniques I use, and the fact that each treatment is an hour of one-on-one care, the time it takes to resolve pain and injury is usually far less than other clinics. What could take 1-2 months to complete recovery at normal PT and Chiropractic clinics, often only take a couple of weeks at Vital Rehabilitation.