I wanted to introduce myself today. My main goal for this blog is to provide useful information to help people with injury prevention and to help keep us moving painfree as we age and continue to push ourselves physically. First, I want to put it out there that I am not an english major and honestly from south Georgia where “yall” is a word. SO…please forgive me for any grammar errors! I am not long winded to my topics so my posts will be short. I hope to provide evidence based information and will provide any links or sources I can (that’s where I hope to be different).

I personally love being active and pushing myself to it’s limits…hence why I love CrossFit. I have met alot of great people in CrossFit but I have seen a lot of scary lifting also that makes you want to cringe when you see it. Yes, it’s everywhere.

My job as a physical therapist is not only for rehabilitation but also prevent injuries. We are trained in biomechanics, kinematics and highly knowledgable on how the body needs to move and how it can move the most efficiently (which equals more power).   If you see me staring you down while your lifting, yes, mostlikely I am analyzing your movements. I can’t help it…. As a PT you are trained to look at how people move, walk, squat, sleep…blah blah blah.  At the same time I have learned to step back not everyone wants help.  I dont want to be that annoying person always correcting people’s movments without their requests.  On the other hand, I am not perfect and like to be corrected too. I am learning lifting techniques myself…. YOu say well that doesn’t make sense Amy …. I can’t see myself and there are no mirrors in Crossfit.   I welcome any feedback.


Now, it’s your turn what would you like information on?